Hard Disk Drive Recovery

We recover data from all types of hard disks, including SCSI, IDE and SATA. Also, we also recover data from all kinds of operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX and Macintosh. For Windows hard disks, we can recover all versions of Windows including Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows 7.0, Windows 8.0 and Windows 10. We are one of the reputed service providers of Hard disk data recovery in Bangalore.

we’ve specialized HDD recovery software to provide instant HDD failure recovery services in case of emergency data failure. Using advanced HDD recovery techniques, we can recover data from all kinds of crashed or corrupted hard drives from any brand or models of hard disks.

HDD recovery from severely corrupt and damaged hard disks is a complex procedure and takes time and skilled professionals to recover the data successfully. We engage with most of the hard disk manufacturers regularly to enhance our data recovery capabilities and that is also one of the reasons that we are one of the most preferred HDD file recovery service in Bangalore by many IT companies, govt. offices and other private companies, when it comes to Hard disk data recovery service.

Call us right now for all your HDD failure recovery problems and we would be happy to render our services to you at the most competitive rates and in quick time.

SSD Data Recovery

Solid State Disk (SSD) Data Recovery Services

Our SSD data recovery software is a great utility software when it comes to recovering data from most damaged and corrupt SSD drives. Moreover, our SSD data recovery cost is much lower when compared to other data recovery companies.

Nowadays, SSD Drives are being manufactured by a lot of companies using their own firmware configuration design and controllers, which can be quite challenging when coming to Solid State Drive Data Recovery. But it is never a problem with us, as we’ve the necessary tools and talented resources to provide exceptional results in quick time.

We deal with SSD recovery service for all kinds of SSD failures like:

  • Bad Sectors
  • Circuit Damages
  • Controller Failure issues
  • Assembly damages
  • OS or filesystem corruption

Contact our Call Center now with your specific case, and our engineers will call you right back to understand the problem or come directly to your place to analyze the issue and get back to you with a proper quote and time estimate.

Pendrive Data Recovery

Flash Drive Data Recovery Service

We recover lost data from pen drive. No Matter what ever failure it is, our technical experts were providing pen drive file recovery services in Bangalore Region over several years.

Pendrives are refer as aportable storage devices and it is an essential part of people’s life. We can store, use data anywhere and anytime we want. Data loss issues are quite common in case of pen drives it happens due to human errors, virus attacks and physical damage etc.

In case you have lost data from your pen drives and other devices due to above failures, Do not panic. Data can be recoverable. Our data recovery experts have capability of recovering data from any kind of situation from all storage devices.

Call us right now for all your Pendrive data recovery and we would be happy to render our services to you at the most competitive rates and in quick time.

External Drive Data Recovery

We are one of the leading service providers of external Hard Drive Data Recovery Bangalore and is equipped with a special External Hard Drive Data Recovery software that can recover all kinds of data from all brands of hard disks including Seagate, Sony, HP, Toshiba, Transcend, WD and Dell etc.

Our External Hard Drive Data Recovery experts can determine the problem quickly, whether there is any damage done to the Read / Write headers or damage to the motor or the spindle and recover the data in no time.

When it comes to External Hard Drive Data Recovery cost, most of the recovery service companies cost exorbitantly but we have fixed charges for every type of external Hard Drive Data Recovery and charge only for the work we do. We don’t receive any upfront fees and no hidden costs involved and provide you with a detailed initial estimate with time required to deliver superior service to our customers. And all our skilled recovery engineers are well qualified and experienced to recover all encrypted files and drives. And you can be rest assured that your data is safe with us.